Trainings, workshops and consultations

Net4F works not only with other construction companies but also cooperates with organizations specialized in fiber optics training. Our strategic partner is the Academy of Fiber Optics. The Fibre Optics Academy is an organisational unit of an educational and advisory character Since 2009 has trained more than 2000 people active on the telecommunications market. The Academy is in the Register of Educational Institutions.

The Academy’s Measurement and Testing Centre makes it possible to conduct classes and practical workshops in real conditions.

Academy offers four Demonstration Rooms with specialist telecommunications equipment, an IT Laboratory, and the only Technology Park in Poland.

An additional area of activity of experts working for the Academy of Fibre Optics is cooperation on the projects of fibre optics networks, particularly those which are carried out within the framework of the programmes aimed to eliminate the digital divide, and the construction of the last mile networks.

More information and current training schedules can be found at the Academy of Fiber Optics: światłowodowa